Q: Where did the name Sarah Alexandra Weddings, Events & Design come from?
A: I always knew that I wanted to use my own name. I represent my brand and everything it stands for, therefore it made sense and I chose to use my first and middle name. Why not my last name? I always thought I would take my partners last name after marrying him. That way there's no need for a name change for the company down the road. Plus, and this may seem a bit weird, but I think it fits my brand a bit better then 'Sarah Albert' would.
Because Sarah Alexandra could be just about any kind of company I made it more specific with Weddings, Events & Design. It's kind of straight forward, isn't it?! On social media you can often find me as SarahAlexandraWED or SAlexandraWED. Honestly, I never realized that Weddings. Events & Design would shorten as wed! Just a convenient coincidence!

Q: Integrating wedding planning and event planning with a design studio, isn't that a bit too much? Trying to do it all? 
A: While it is often said that specializing in one specific subject is key to success, I find that this isn't always true. I am passionate about weddings and everything that surrounds it. My background in arts and design is something I feel very strongly about. I love working with my hands and expressing myself on paper or any other media. To me, it is actually an asset and the strength of my company. It gives me a great power of imagination and visualization. Being able to incorporate all those elements in my business makes me extremely happy and gives me a sense of fulfillment. I love that I can offer all of that to my clients!

Q: What do you prefer? Full planning, coordination of the wedding day or designing elements of the wedding? 
A: Honestly, I do not have a preference. Each of these things is so vastly different and they have their own appeal to me. I love being part of the whole planning process as I see the couple grow incredibly. It is also wonderful to see the different idea's the couples come up with when I take care of the coordination of the wedding day. It might sound boring, but the logistics of a wedding are also very exciting to me. You can have a wonderfully designed wedding, but without good logistics they might not be worth a lot. When designing elements for a wedding I love to listen to the couples inspiration and make their vision come alive. And for all area's of my business, it is just plainly incredible to see the couple light up when they see the finished reception area or design. That moment is pure magic. 

Q: You are getting married fall 2015. How does that affect your business and focus on your clients weddings? 
A: My clients are my priority. It's just that simple. Quite obviously I have a wedding planner to coordinate the day of my wedding. Next to that I have an incredible partner that is putting in a lot of work. Our wedding timeline is planned out in detail and is taken care of in non-work hours. That way I have oodles of time for my lovely couples, the custom design work and my own wedding. I wouldn't be in this business if I couldn't handle more then wedding or project at the same time!

Q: I am only interested in your wedding planning services, do we need to get design elements from you as well?
A: Absolutely not. I love seeing other peoples work, getting in touch with and empowering other designers by promoting their work!

Q: I would like you only to custom design an element for our wedding, nothing else. Is that possible? 
A: Absolutely! Just shoot me a message either through the contact form on the website or an email to info@salexandra.com. If you have any inspiration sources include them so I can start swooning over them too!

Q: How does the design process work? 
A: After you get in touch we have a meeting, either in person, over the phone or Skype/Facetime to talk about your vision and expectations. After this meeting I send you a quote with a summary of the meeting with a mock-up and materials that could be used. After you accept the quote, I start the actual designing process, usually this means a minimum of two different designs for you to choose from. If you dislike them I go back and present you other options. After your approval I start on the full design work. When all is done you will get a nice picture and shipping details or we discuss a time for delivery (if you live in the region). 

Q: Where do you source most of your vendors and products? 
A: I try to work as much as possible with local vendors and suppliers. I love collaborating with other small businesses!