Planning your own event is an exciting process, designing the look and feel of it until the moment of reflection, when praise keeps coming in of the incredible day everybody had. This is what the ideal engagement and wedding should feel like and this is what we can help you create!  

We love listening to your engagement story and picking your brain about your style, dreams, wishes and priorities. Every couple is wildly different and that should be true for their weddings as well. We like to focus on what's important to you, so that your wedding day will reflect you in its entirety. Bespoke services feel more natural to us, so don't let the following list of our services limit you. Just drop us a line and we can discuss what feels right for you.

Bespoke Planning 

Or as we like to call it; 'the whole shebang!' There are a lot of perks that come with working with us from the start. We will work with you to create the entire look, find the right vendors, manage the budget, coordinate the entire wedding day and much, much more. There is an endless sea of possibilities and we will help you navigate through it. 

Where do we come in?
We have a meeting as early on as possible, talk about your hopes, dreams and wishes for your wedding day. From that moment on we will be working on creating the perfect day for you. From start to finish we will be there to design, plan, assist, guide, coordinate the entire wedding day, troubleshoot behind the scenes and make you look and feel wonderful. 
Investment starting at $3500

Month-of Coordination

For some people, the challenge of organizing and planning their wedding and everything that surrounds it can be fulfilling and with reason. However, on their wedding day, no bride or groom should have to run around to set-up their reception, take care of all minute details and solve hiccups. This very special day should be enjoyable for the happy couple as well as their loved ones. Let us help you appreciate this day and give you peace of mind. 

Where do we come in?
We have a meeting 6-8 weeks before your wedding. During this meeting we talk over all that you have planned yourself, check if nothing has been forgotten and take it over from there. We make sure that all minute details are taken care off, vendors are coming in at the right time with the right items and services, take care of any bumps in the road, set up your event, make sure everything goes over smoothly and lastly we are there to tear everything down.
Investment starting at $1800

Month-of Coordination - day only

You like what you read above, only you don't need someone to be there all day long? Let us come in and take care of everything until dinner-time starts. We'll sneak out so the rest of the evening can take it's course. 
Investment starting at $750


You are a capable planner, love to do the work yourself but just need help to create the look? Perhaps Pinterest has overwhelmed you with ideas and you just don't know what to go with anymore, or your fiancé loves moss green, yet you are a sea glass kinda gall? Worry no more. We're here to bring you back on course. 

Where do we come in? 
We'll have a design meeting where we discuss all you have booked, your budget, your inspiration boards, your favourite foods and whatnot. After this meeting we will create a look, just for you with all the information you might need to make it come alive.
Investment starting at $500